Behzad Bagheri

Date of birth :1976
Architect / Painter

Lecturer / Architecture engineering / PNU / from 2005 continued
Urban sketchers Correspondent and Workshop Instructor
Member of Global Network of Watercolor Painters
Member of  International Watercolor Artists

He qualified from Tehran University of Art with a Master's Degree in Architecture. 
When he first started painting, he adopted watercolours and sketches for the purposes of his initial architecture designs. Esthetics soon took over the functional side and he found himself painting for artistic purposes rather than functional, architectural purposes. 
His work was becoming a means for him to connect with himself and his surroundings and share these impressions with others, communicate with others.
Since the transformation of his work from design to art, he has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Iran and overseas.

Solo exhibition/ Nikan cultural Institute/ 2002
Solo exhibition/ Kowsar gallery/ 2009
Solo exhibition/ Isfahan Museum of contemporary art/ 2010
Solo exhibition/ Apadana gallery/ 2010
Solo exhibition/ The central municipal library of Isfahan/ 2011

Participation in “ Taalab-e-Gavkhooni “ (Gavkhooni Pond) art exhibit in group/ 2005
Participaitn in the "1st Exhibition of Global Network of Watercolor Painters" in "Incheon               education and cultural for student, Korea" in 2010
• Participation in “ Saint Petersburg & Isfahan Art “ group exhibition / 2011
•Participation in the "2nd Exhibition of Global Network of Watercolor Painters" in "Hamamatsu, Japan"/ 2012
• Participation in the "Exhibition of Asian GNWP members" in "Yangon, Myanmer"/ 2013
• Participation in the "3rd Exhibition of Global Network of Watercolor Painters" in "Shanghai, China"/ 2014

He was chosen by officials and praised in art exhibit: “The dialogues between civilizations” in   2001 for “Jolfaian oldmen” painting in watercolor
Saatchi Gallery London - group finalist, National Open Art Competition 2011
Grand Palais, Paris - group finalist, ARTPARIS Showdown 2011