Sunday, November 27, 2016

Origami / Horse

گرچه بر پا نایستاد ولی زیبا و باوقار .. It couldn't stand on it's feet, but is dignified..

این روزهای یخ زده / These frigid days

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Polar bears / خرسهای قطبی

معمولاً پست های من مرتبط با شرایط نیستند. البته فکر کنم این خرسهای دوست داشتنی و جان سخت زیاد هم بی مناسبت نباشند.

Work on haniwork easel in bazaar

It’s usually hard to sketch or paint in bazaar specially when you want to work on a haniwork easel. Many people want to see your work and judge you. Usually they ask whether it’s a finished work or if you want to work on it at home. One asked me “Are you an artist?” and immediately continued “it seems that everyone can do these works”. 

It does not bother you if you are aware that some of them are also very skillful handicraft artists of the Isfahan city or at least their eyes are very familiar to art. Sometimes their comments and suggestions are really helpful.

 But sometimes it disturbs attention. So that, I naturally search for a silent corner and Malek Timche is one of the best locations with ideal wonderful views for me in bazaar.

I wanted to add that, also sometimes it’s very exciting for me when children pay attention to me and the work, and I enjoy very much of discussion with them. They usually have their individual points of view, and it’s very interesting and useful. They sometimes like to work on my piece or edit it. And I think my paper usually has this potential.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


با تکنیک مشابه. گاهی که از پاکن استفاده نمی شود ذهن سعی می کند بیشتر از توانایی خود در شکل گیری و هماهنگ سازی موضوعات با یکدیگر و طراحی استفاده نماید. (گاهی هم شاید ذهن کمی بیشتر به خود استراحت می دهد)


در این کار ابتدا سعی کردم خطوط و خصوصاً سطوح آزادی بر روی صفحه ایجاد و سپس به آن با توجه به موضوع شکل دهم.