Monday, October 31, 2016

........... How we will achieve the learning goals ........... ......Workshop : From simplicity to complexity...... December 23-24

How we will achieve the learning goals

The fundaments of sketch are based on perspective geometry, theory of values and colors and the aesthetics of the composition which guide us to a suitable expected result.

We often think that subjects are the beginning points of urban sketches, and the first color, wash or line on the paper is according to the subject rather than our inner world. However, we are aware that our moods, attitudes, our ways of thought and interests usually have effects on the drawings we make from the surroundings, although we don’t make a virtual work in urban sketching. 

In this approach that is not actually a new unknown one, and I believe that we have faced this experience from our childhood, we begin with inner world, from spontaneousness. We want to get help from the aforementioned fundamental knowledges, and simultaneously begin our work from live happenings. We cautiously allow the ignorance of the reality to the extent that it does not totally ruin its expression.

The question is how this process starts and where it extends to. 

Here, I have simply demonstrated how the mind gets help from the values, extensions, color signs and positive-negative areas during the process of fitting the subjects to the free forms that we make on the paper.

A . Getting help from values

B . Horizental and vertical extensions

C . Primary colors / Light and shade + Sense of depth

D . Positive and negative areas

During the final painting, we begin from our sensation of our surrounding. Varieties of colors from different pigments, with lights and shades and also with preparation of positive and negative areas appearing on the paper; and here is the beginning of our adventure.

Not only in the beginning, but also through the period of sketching, mind, with its imagination, compares the forms and colors, and thinks about wether it is possible to change the pigments to a result like the subject in front, or even wether it can change the subject to what is seen on the paper.

Although these methods help us to start the work, they are not always simple, stable and organized; and sometimes they are complicated based on our pleasure of different unexpected living happenings in the moment. It makes some minor or major differences on the production of our individual works, and freshness of work is indebted to it.