Sunday, May 22, 2016

An unforgettable sketchwalk with a group of Switzerland sketchers

Some fellow urban sketchers were visiting Iran in April from 9th to 24th. Their journey had been organized and scheduled by my dear friend, Yan Giround and his father Yves Giroud who is a member of USk Switzerland.
They kindly invited me to join them to sketch and share ideas. I enjoyed very much when I discussed them and saw some of their works such as beautiful works of Hanspeter Fiechter.

These are two sketch photos which I have recently received from Hanspeter.

Under Sheikh-Lotfollah mosque / Sketcher: Hanspeter Fiechter

Shiraz bazaar / Sketcher: Hanspeter Fiechter

And here are some of my sketches from that wonderful day and sketch walk.

Under the Sheikh-Lotfollah mosque's dome

Sheikh-Lotfollah mosque/ View from the top of Ali-qapu palace

Isfahan university of art / View from the top of Ali-qapu palace

Vank cathedral

Vank cathedral

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