Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ostad Seif Bridge / Varzaneh

Varzaneh is an ancient central Iranian desert town in Isfahan province.

It is located 105km southeast of Isfahan and 240km away from Yazd.
It has a population of 14,000.
Like most parts of central Iran, it has a quite dry desert climate.
Varzaneh was the last civilization on the Zayanderud river since 5000 years ago. The Zayanderud river ends at Gavkhouni wetland which is 30km east of Varzaneh. Within the lands between wetland and Varzaneh, signs of very ancient civilization are unearthed. Further investigations on some pots that have been discovered, confirms the fact that the district of Varzaneh has been inhabited for 5,000 years.
Varzaneh is famous regionally and all over the world for its spectacular desert, which ranked as one of the most accessible deserts of Iran, in particular for tourists coming to Isfahan. Many travellers like their desert close to civilization - that way they have food and water easy to reach by car, and access to medical centres in the case of any problem. Although, Varzaneh desert is ranked as one of the safest deserts of Iran, it's only 15km away from its desert.

The Old Bridge
The bridge is the last old bridge over Zayanderud river and has 10 arches; 7 of the arches were built about 9 centuries ago during the Seljuq dynasty. While an extension of the three other arches was done by local people about 140 years ago. You would be able to recognize the extension by a small wall. The bridge is 67m long and 6.5m wide. The old bridge connects the old district of town to the new one.


Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to sketch some other beauties of the town, but I hope to do this in my next trips to this wonderful town.
The last sketch is from a view of the new bridge of Varzaneh.

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