Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chinese sketchbook / People

You know, I usually don’t work on professional sketchbooks. I’ve used to work on general notebooks which are named as sketchbooks in my country. So, I am sometimes even not satisfied with other kinds of common sketchbooks.

I found this Chinese notebook in a shop in Isfahan, and they were selling it not as a sketchbook. 

But when I touched it’s papers, I realized that it may be ideal for my charcoal and graphite drawing.
Although the papers were so thin that I couldn’t work on both sides of the papers, but drawing on it specially when my subjects were people, was a delightful experience.

Sketching the elderly is always simpler and easier for me, especially in my territory. I have more confidence and Sincerity when I try this lovely subject. Also drawing at night eliminates some details and makes it easier. I invite you to see the result.

The women were chatting..


Working on the middle of the sketchbook was hard.

A tourist under Ali Qapu palace