Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Playing with Light and Shadow in Singapore

Playing with Light and Shadow.
It was my workshop title in Singapore.
The 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium / Singapore. July 22‑25, 2015

But first, I wanted to share some sketches from workshop R by Suhita Shirodkar:

Thank you Suhita.
I did also some other sketches in Waterloo street. These are two of them.

I had this chance to see and sketch some beauties of Singapore early in the morning:


And I also participated in Asnee Tesna Activity:
I took some photos of the beautiful places that we saw. Very happy to meet Asnee and learnt a lot. This is a quick sketch during that activity.

Geometry of light and shadow / Some instructions

And finally, some sketches during my workshop:


Working and thinking first on tiny size

If you would like to see my other sketches before and after symposium, you could see them in this other post. Sorry for my delay in sharing the works, but wish you enjoy them.

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