Sunday, December 14, 2014

Walking and sketching in bazaar in my inspirational season..

Isfahan / Serai Mokhles

Autumn is my favorite season. In some respects I like this season even more than spring. Diversity in colors, specially warm colors is wonderful and we may experience changing in colors spontaneously. Feeling warmth of sunlight on our skin is delightful and watching the companion between light and shadow is really charming.

Because of changing in weather we can see many layers and the sense of depth in around scenes and it is good time for drawing and sketching perspectives.

Isfahan / Timcheh Malek

These days I tried to prepare an easel for outdoor sketches. I made an easel from a camera tripod. The result is a simple useful easel, and I am really excited of having that. It makes easier my watercolor sketching experiences.

Here are some plein air watercolor works that I have done in two days in Isfahan bazaar.

Isfahan / Serai Mokhles - another view