Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The joy of sharing (1) / Paraty, 2014

 Paraty / After the annual group photo

After more than six years of friendship and sharing our works and studies about sketching with USK members, it was the first time that I was participating in the USK symposium and meeting the USK family in the real world. 

You may like to know more about my workshop. I will post about that in the next post, but here I am sharing some sketches and some highlights of the 5th symposium from my view.

-         It was a wonderful moment, I cannot describe that. The first moment when I met my longtime USK friends in the real world in pousada do Sandi.

Some sketches from the alleys :

 In a restaurant / Paraty

-         I participated in the Workshop P,  by Liz Steel.

 It's a long time that I follow her wonderful works. But participating in her workshop and seeing her lively method and results of her work surely will have important effect on my works in the future. I will keenly follow her posts.

 And it was an excited step at the end of her workshop when she let the sketchers to sketch the subject with their personal sense and chosen way of presentation.

-         When one of my talented friends kindly gave me his tool of sketching as a gift.

-      The early mornings group sketchings with talented friends around the Pereque river before the workshops, when the weather was truly fresh.

-         The Big Crit . With wonderful idea and excited performance. Thank you very much Fred Lynch for your beautiful mind.
  - The closing reception. It reminded us that we are in beautiful Brazil, between blissfully happy people.

Praca do chafariz / Paraty
The last day, before I leave Paraty. 

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