Monday, February 22, 2010


Isolation can never give birth to aloneness.

The Refreshed Earth

The earth was refreshed.

The Early Spring

The sky was the delicate blue of early spring.


Nature was not communicative that evening.

The Roads

The roads were clean, and the dust had been washed from the trees.

The Peace

That peace which comes when all things are alone.

Last Rays

Under the last rays of the sun, the water was the colour of newborn flowers.

Part Of The Silence

They were part of the silence, as we were too.

The Still Night

It was a very still night.


Again the all pervading aloneness of life


The people stayed to watch ant to take delight in simple things.


Look at it, don't run away from it,..


Only the alone can commune with that which is causeless, the immeasurable.


The sun was bright on the white wall opposite.


We do not see the great force that is in the negation.

Sail The Heavens

Lights were appearing in the houses , and the evening star was beginning to sail the heavens.

Going Far

We must begin very near to go far.


Can a diligently practiced discipline lead us to the unknown?

The Silence Road

It was rich in tradition and silence.
Presently it would be quite dark, for there was no moon.

Ancient Way


The trees were aloof; They had withdrawn into their silence and darkness.